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This super sweet wine has been made using similar techniques used in Europe. Hand picking Verdelho grapes that have been left to ripen fully on the vine. Striping the grapes before crushing and separating the juice then filling it into new Oak Barrels. Allowing natural yeast to start stirring the lees for a month whilst it fermented and stopped naturally. The wine remained in the barrels until bottling some 15 months later. A luscious sweet white wine for pre dinner or desserts. 

Brand   SOBELS
Variety     Sticky
Vintage    2012
 G.I. Area   Upper Hunter
Bottle Type  Antique Green Glass 375 ml
Closure  Aluminium screw cap
Maturation  New French oak
Bottling date  October 2013
Quantity    7000
Alcohol   11.0 % alc/vol
pH     3.45 g/l
Residual Sweetness   127.0 g/l
Best served     Chilled

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