Sweet “n” Luverly

Sweet “n” Luverly. Widely known to have been named after the wine maker. This style of wine was created after repeated requests from the cellar door visitors for a sweet red wine. A hugely popular wine it has been made using local Merlot grapes so that we could maintain some natural sweetness we stop the fermentation and no final stage pressings are added. Although it is lighter in colour it has all the characteristics of red wine except it is slightly sweet and has no dry tannin after taste. Accepted by many who wish to start drinking red wine or like their reds cold it has all the benefits in that it smells and tastes like any light bodied red wine. Great all round wine.

Variety Sweet “n” Luverly
Vintage 2014
G.I. Area Hunter Valley NSW
Bottle Type. French Green Glass 750 mls
Closure Aluminium screw cap
Maturation Stainless Steel tanks
Bottling date August 2014
Quantity 20000
Alcohol 12.03 %
Ph – Acid 3.40 pH – 7.7 g/l
Residual Sweetness >50 g/l
Best served Chilled or Room Temperature

$20.00 Per Bottle

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